Meadow Lane Methodist Church - William Booth (1864)

LEEDS.-Very many will thank God through eternity that our dear friends, the Rev. Wm. and Mrs. Booth, visited this busy town. The chapel, the Tabernacle in Meadow-lane, was full on Sabbath morning (27th ult.) and crowded in the evening. At night a solemn conviction appeared to possess the minds of all present, and in the prayer meeting above thirty persons professed to obtain mercy. One of the first to come forward was a young man who had lived a most abandoned and wicked life. He had brought himself to the very verge of the grave by his evil conduct, but neither the near approach of death nor the prayers of his friends, the graves of his kindred nor the influences of other powerful revivals, had moved him. Judge of our joy to see him come to Jesus. As he obtained mercy he swooned away! Many young people out of a large school are among the saved. An aged Christian wept tears of deep and unfeigned joy over the conversion of his son, who with his wife knelt side by side at the footstool of mercy. It was a blessed night, and the Lord's people were filled with power and gladness. Every night since some blessed service has been held and souls have found mercy. Among these have been several young men who were in a backsliding state,- Wesleyan limes.

"The Revival", April 7th, 1864.

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