Bilston (1864)

...Hundreds crowded outside, unable to gain admittance. The doors had to be chained to keep them back, such was the press to get in to hear the Word! The services of the day were attended with power. Many listened as for eternity. The word of the Lord was quick and powerful! Fear and trembling took hold of sinners! Cries for mercy went up to heaven from many hearts at the prayer meeting. After the address, a large company stayed. The inquirers came forward and crowded the stage. Many of them soon found mercy. About 35 names were registered as having professed faith in Christ. In addition to this, a great number of children professed to find the saviour; perhaps 40 or 50. We could scarcely find kneeling room for them, there were so many crying for mercy with streaming eyes, uplifted hands and earnest countenances. It was in this town of Bilston that’s an infidel, with fearful implications, roasted his Bible, and afterwards, by the judgement of God, suffered such horrid tortures with his mouth that his tongue became withered and useless forever! It was also here that the cholera made such fearful ravages when it first visited this country, multitudes being cut off in their sins, especially a gang of bull baiters. God is now visiting it in mercy.

"The Revival," March 24th, 1864.

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