Moody - Kibble Palace (1875)

Results equally satisfactory were obtained in both the east and the west ends. So great was the impression made that the accommodations provided for the final meetings conducted by Moody and Sankey were totally inadequate for the numbers of persons wishing to be present. A huge structure of glass, then called the Kibble Palace, in the Botanical Gardens, could hold thousands, but hundreds were turned away from its doors every time it was opened. The usual Monday evening meeting was attended by 3,500 who professed to have been converted during the mission. Seven thousand men crowded it on Wednesday evening. At the final meeting, April seventeenth, it could accommodate only a small part of the multitude that flocked toward it. "The Palace was immediately filled but the afternoon sun was so hot there, that soon the whole had to turn out on the green; there a crowd, variously estimated at from twenty to thirty thousand, was soon gathered." Little wonder that many thought of the enormous congregations that assembled to hear Whitefield more than a century and a quarter before in the same city. Moody preached on "Immediate Salvation" with such power that two thousand persons adjourned to the inquiry-meeting held in the Palace.

From 'Scotland Saw His Glory,' edited by Richard Owen Roberts.

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