Portsmouth (1861)

A glorious meeting was held here last night in the Beneficed Society's Hall, attended by our dear brethren, Radcliffe and Henry, at which were present many of the clergy and dissenting ministers of the neighbourhood, and I feel no doubt seed has been sown which will bear good fruit and spread widely. After the addresses, all unconverted ones anxious about their souls were invited to remain, when at least a third of the whole 500 or 600 stayed and entered into conversation in groups with Messrs. Radcliffe, Henry, and the various ministers, town missionaries, Scripture-readers, and other Christians, all of whom went in and out amongst them, helping, counsel­ling, and encouraging. Among these I may as well particularize two: one, a seaman in deep distress; another, a fine sergeant of engineers down whose face the tears of repentance, and joy in having obtained faith in his Saviour, were fast flowing. Many such effects of the addresses delivered were manifested. Besides those who remained in the hall, many others assembled in a large committee-room and held a meeting for prayer that the blessing might descend with the truths set forth that even­ing upon the people met together, and upon the multitudes living in wickedness in these populous towns. G.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 95.

Additional Information

I do not know where the hall was.

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