Congregational Chapel, Beer (1864)

A short time since prayer was asked through the 'Revival' for a public tea and meeting at Beer, on Good Friday, for which we now desire to offer praise. The friends came in from every quarter until we were overfilled. Our beloved minister and other friends addressed the meeting, and since then the power of God has been present to heal the sick of their soul disease. We feel assured all friends of Christ will be glad to hear of the good work we have had at Beer. At the commencement of the winter quarter we commenced cottage prayer meetings at six in the morning, which continued without ceasing for eight weeks. We had not prayed long before most glorious results followed. The church is quickened, back-sliders restored, and sinners converted, and now it is not unusual to see near 300 to a weeknight service. On Tuesday, the 12th instant, we responded to the request of the Evangelical Alliance, when we had three services -- a prayer meeting from one to two P.M.; at half-past four, a service for children; at night, a public united meeting; and on Thursday the same kind of meeting in the Independent Chapel. On Wednesday, our peaceable little village was polluted by some of Satan's traveling agents, such as boxing shows, etc. When our dear minister saw it, his soul was moved within him to think that Tuesday should be a day of prayer, and on Wednesday it should be so counteracted. But as a true-hearted warrior, he was not to be discouraged, and directly after they had been through the streets with the drum, etc, he took some tracts, went among the people, and announced that he would preach in the street near the church gates. He at once commenced singing, "We're bound for the Land of the pure and the holy," etc., and soon the people came to hear the truth; after which, we retired to the Methodist Chapel, and held another service of addresses and prayer. And the result was that the show opened but once, and left early next morning, with grief and vexation for coming here to be defeated. The good work is going on through the circuit. At Chard we are continually adding and at Brunscombe we have had some glorious victories. 

"The Revival, April 28th, 1864.

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