Etal Presbyterian Church (1874)

For several months past evangelistic services have been held in the Presbyterian Church of Etal, the National schoolroom of Ford and various other places in the surrounding neighbourhood. The Marchioness of Waterford kindly granted the use of the above-named schoolroom, being the first time it was ever given for a Dissenting meeting, and in a letter to the Rev. George M Guffie said: 'We must ever remember that the great congregation of Christ's people is one in all those things which are essential to our salvation." These meetings have been chiefly conducted by the Rev. George M Guffie of Etal, Rev. W. S. Chedburn of Berwick, Rev. A. Nisbett of Coldstream, Rev. J. M. Ross of London, George Black, Esq. Berwick, and John Black, Esq., Ford West Field, who is ever ready to aid in every effort for the moral welfare and spiritual wellbeing of those around him. The whole of these meetings have been largely attended by members of all denominations in the district, - a considerable number, especially of young people, having decided for Christ, and professed their faith in Him, about twenty of whom were admitted for the first time to the Lord's Table in Etal Presbyterian Church last communion; and there have been anxious inquirers since Sankey's hymns were sung at the meetings, and evangelistic literature circulated amongst those who attended them. We understand that meetings of a similar nature have been held at Coldstream, addressed by the ministers of the town and by friends from Edinburgh and elsewhere. Wooler also has not been wanting in efforts to do good in this way; and, in fact, most of the congregations on the Borders hare held a series of services calculated to rouse the careless, and to build up the people of the Lord in their faith and holiness unto complete and everlasting salvation.

"Times of Blessing," Aug 20th, 1874.

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