Corn Exchange, Cheltenham (1877)

Mr SPIERS has held special services for the young at the Corn Exchange, Cheltenham, from May 7 to 17 inclusive, This large room has been filled to overflowing night after night by those for whom the services were intended. and on several
occasions many who came were unable to obtain admittance.

The Christian people of Cheltenham, who were deeply interested in Mr Spiers' work, have been very greatly encouraged by
the evidences which were graciously given by the Lord of his abundant blessing, and the presence and power of the Holy Ghost. The precious truths of the glorious Gospel were laid before the young by Mr Spiers with pointed clearness and happy, striking illustrations. The hymns, too, were full of Bible lessons. The interest of the children never seemed to flag, and there
can be no doubt, in the judgment of all candid observers, that a lasting impression has been made upon a large number of
young sons. At several of the meetings, when at least 1,800 must have been present, more than one-third remained at the close, to be broken up into classes for Christian instruction.

The happy influence of this mission to the young has been felt by all classes. Among the children of the more wealthy residents not a few, but many, have intelligently understood the message, and accepted, in true devotion of spirit, Christ as
their Saviour; whilst there is scarcely a Sunday school in the town that has not received a considerable accession of young
disciples. The many Sunday school teachers who were able to be present have been moved to an increased zeal, and to larger expectations, in their labours of love.

There can be indeed no doubt that the Lord has made this visit of his honoured servant the means of much blessing and great encouragement to his people at Cheltenham. May the work prove, as it is believed it will, deep, real, and abiding.


"The Christian," May 31st, 1877.



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