Norton Baptist Chapel (1862)

It will I trust be interesting to your readers, to hear of the work of God carried on in a small Baptist chapel in Wales, called Norton Chapel. A revival took place amongst us, so long ago as last December, and as six months have now passed away we can speak of it with the more calmness and thankfulness to God for what he has done. In December last, Mr Rodway of Stroud paid us a visit. At that time we had only seven members, and but three had been baptized during the last ten years. Mr R. stayed with us for four days. After the first meeting, the chapel was crowded every night. The preacher's earnest appeals to the few Christians, who assembled, led them to work and pray, and before he left us, very many were under concern about their souls. Some who were not in the habit of attending a place of worship came and were arrested by the solemn truths proclaimed to them. Before Mr Rodway left, nearly twenty professed to have found peace in believing. Some attributed this sudden change to excite­ment; but we have reason to be truly grateful to God, that many have been decidedly converted. We have had forty baptised, so that our church which numbered seven in December last is increased to forty, and the congrega­tion is exceedingly good. Also, we used to have only one service a week, and now we have three. Most of those who attend them have to come many miles to hear the gospel, and we have never seen such a spirit of hearing amongst the people before. Pray for us, that God may go on to bless, and that we may continue looking to him for his blessing. W. F.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 258.

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