Cottingham (1862)

Dear Sir,-I have much reason to thank the ever-blessed God for His goodness towards us poor worms. His arm has been laid bare and sinners have been snatched as brands from the fire, and set upon that rock which will stand unmoved when the heavens and the earth are on fire. Satan's kingdom here has been greatly weakened, and the Kingdom of Christ is growing greater for we have had such glorious times. The power of God has even reached the hearts of publicans. One of them has given up his house; the Lord has saved his soul and he is now on his way to heaven. We have had such an awakening amongst our young men and women, and the children of the Sabbath Schools. The Spirit wrought so mightily with one poor soul that he fell upon his knees behind his counter and cried for mercy; the all-cleansing blood was applied, and now he is rejoicing and striving to show others the way. Many poor backsliders have been made sick of their ways and have come again to Jesus. James Tansley, a road mender (he wishes his full name given), was at his work one Monday morning when he felt he should be lost if he did not fly to Jesus; he began to cry for mercy so that he was heard almost a mile around. The people came running to see what was the matter; some said, “fetch the doctor," others, “he has gone mad,“ but his cry was, “I want Jesus;“ and he that is mighty to save, came, and spoke peace to his poor soul. All praise and glory to the Lamb… my dear, sir, you’re much loved and encouraging and blessed paper, has been the means of reviving our souls; oh, that every Christian would, but take in this "revival;" it calms all our hearts to read it.

"The Revival," January 1st, 1863.

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