Burwash (1863)

The Lord has for several weeks been manifesting his mighty power in the salvation of sinners. This village had for a long time been slumbering in spiritual darkness when Mr Whitlock, a dear and faithful servant of the Lord, came from Hasting to preach and the people assembled by hundreds to hear him. The power of God was soon manifested in the conversion of souls, who are now showing their love to Christ and to other souls by going from house to house to persuade their old companions in sin to attend the religious services held every evening, and I believe every night Mr Whitlock preached, souls were brought to Christ. At a meeting in the Wesleyan chapel, Burwash Wheel, Mr Nash, our home missioner, desired as many as were anxious for salvation, and those who had found pardon and peace through faith in Christ to give in their names. Fifty gave their names to the question put, "Who is on the Lord's side?" and Mr Nash believes that had the same question been put at the Independent chapel there would have been another fifty, so mightily has the Word of the Lord prevailed. Our young converts came forward to assist at our prayer meetings.

"The Revival," February 26th, 1863.

... we say it is a blessed thing. I have lately heard that some of the most respectable and best informed men in Burwash affirm that they consider Mr Whitlock has been made an instrument of good to nearly a hundred souls in that place, some of whom have united themselves to the church, which is the earnest wish of Mr Whitlock himself and we hope and pray that they will all do so.

"The Revival," June 18th, 1863.

Additional Information

The Wesleyan church closed in the early 1970s.

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