Shottery (1864)

On Lord's Day morning we visited a great many of the poor working people in Shottery and several professed to find Jesus.  One was an old woman, eighty-four years of age. Another woman, under conviction of sin, wept much as we spoke to her of the sufferings of Christ, and before we left, Mrs Bell fell on her knees and put her arm round her neck. We lifted up our hearts to the Lord, and the woman was enabled to rejoice in the precious Jesus. 

We held two meetings in a field close to the town. Several hundreds assembled to hear the word preached, some coming from a distance. The Lord gave the hearing ear; the word was with power, and many we believe will bless God and date their conversion from this day, and say, "He brought me to his banqueting house, and the banner over me was love."

"The Revival," May 5th, 1864.

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