Derby - Victoria St Congregational Church (1859)

God is graciously reviving his work here. Union prayer- meetings have been held for upwards of a year; monthly—then fortnightly—now daily. Many have been the special requests for prayer. Gracious answers have been received, and a con­siderable number have been brought to Christ. Several hundred have attended a prayer-meeting after the Sabbath evening service, in connexion with the Victoria-street church, (Congregational) and scores of inquirers have frequently asked, "What must I do to be saved?" A good work is progressing in several of the Baptist and Methodist churches. Many of the workmen at the Midland Station and other workshops, meet daily for prayer by themselves.

But the work has broken out with greatest power in a small chapelet Little Chester (possibly the chapel on St Mary's Bridge). The scholars of the Sunday-school have commenced to pray in earnest, for their parents, their teachers, their companions, and the world at large. It is very affecting to hear them with child-like simplicity, and yet re­markable power, play;—" Lord, look down on my parents— they are sinners—but Jesus died for sinners." "Bless our teachers—especially bless my teacher—he has often prayed for me, and now I can pray for him." "Bless all my companions --do." "Let there be a Revival in our shop—in all shops." "Bless my parents, and keep them from the public-house." "Bless my father, who is gone to the gambling-table this night." "Bless my brother, who is gone too." " Oh Lord, my father is in the public-house—now upset that gambling-table--- ­turn the public-houses into bread-shops; and then my father cannot get drink, and then he won't abuse my mother; and then, perhaps he will come here; and if he does, Thou wilt meet him as Thou hast me." Many drunkards are being reclaimed, and some have added godliness to temperance. From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume ii, p28.

Additional Information

The Church was knocked down in 1961.

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