Gillingham (1862)

A few weeks since, a request for Shaftesbury was sent to the Revival. The Lord has answered prayer in a remarkable manner. We entreated Him to send some brother amongst us, whom He could use in the conversion of poor sinners, and the Lord, after much prayer and waiting upon Him, sent our dear brother W. J. Vine to labour here. His efforts have been crowned with great success. Some of the worst characters have been reclaimed. The meetings have increased in numbers ever since he has been here. Men and women, who were notorious for their drunkenness and reprobate life, are now happy in the love of Jesus. For years some of them have been in the habit of spending their money in the public-houses and remaining in those slaughter-houses, as Richard Weaver calls them, until twelve and one o'clock of a Saturday night. The change is wonderful. At the close of the meetings, they sing through the town, a whole band of them, such hymns as "There'll be no more sorrow there," or "There is a fountain" &c. It is delightful to see the change in their countenances; how happy they now are. Our dear brother Vine has been greatly blessed at Cann, Gillingham, Semley, and East Stower. At Cann, a few weeks ago, a young lady was so wrought upon in the midst of the meeting, that she cried out, "Oh: I do want a change of heart; I do want to know my sins are pardoned." And at the after-meeting there were ten crying for mercy, six of whom professed to obtain peace the same evening. The meetings still continue to be blessed by the Lord, and scarcely one passes without some souls finding peace or being convinced of sin. Between twenty and thirty have already been brought in peace, and numbers are seeking Jesus. Our dear brother Vine is likely to remain with us a few weeks longer. Pray for us and praise with us.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 127.

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