Albion Street Congregational Church, Aberdeen (1863)

Mr Duncan, the indefatigable pastor of Albion-street church, says:-During the past year we have had three services every Lord's day, and a public service every Tuesday evening, devoted entirely to a plain proclamation of the gospel. In connection with our Female Mission Scheme we have kept up three district meetings weekly, one in a schoolroom and the others in private houses. The attendance ranges from 12 to 30, and through them a few have been led to attend regularly at the chapel. The female agent also visits 260 families, calling upon each at least once in a fortnight. Apart from my usual work I have conducted in and about the city upwards of 30 services. There is an aggregate attendance at our Sabbath schools of from 450 to 500 scholars, taught by upwards of 50 teachers. There are 30 in my Bible class. We have received into fellowship of the church 110 members. Unless, however, we can get more room, our growth will be at an end, as we have not now so many sittings unlet in the chapel as would contain our own poor members, who are unable to pay for them.

"The Revival," July 23rd, 1863.


Additional Information

Approximately here. Destroyed in 1960s for road development.

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