Campbeltown (1874)

In the month of June 1874, the Earl of Cavan and the Rev. Mr Bremner, Glasgow, visited the town and conducted special meetings every night. These were largely attended. A great impetus was given to the Christian life of the town. A noon-day prayer meeting was started and was well attended. All the ministers co-operated. An influential layman who took a great interest in the work suggested that Messrs. Moody and Sankey, who were then about to leave Scotland, should I asked to visit Campbeltown. An invitation, signed by all the ministers in the district, was immediately sent, and the Evangelists agreed to go. They began work on Sabbath, the 30th August. "In the evening the parish church was filled in every corner, and an overflow had to be provided for. Never could the old walls have resounded, nor the several generations listened to, a fuller, clearer gospel message, or a more earnest, pressing invitation to accept Christ as a Saviour. At the end, as usual, Christians and those wishing to become Christians were asked to remain. The Christians remained with bowed heads in silent prayer, and some of those present can never forget the solemn awe that filled their minds, nor the moment of intense suspense when Mr Moody invited, with his tender, pleading voice, all who wished to be prayed for to rise; and perfect stillness reigned. The first sound of motion seemed like the moving of the Spirit upon I he hearts of the people; and the solemn numbering of those who rose, one after another, till our hearts overflowed with joy as we knew we had sixty souls to pray for, made us seem like men that dreamed, and rebuked our want of faith." Each day, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as many as fifty persons were personally dealt with, many of whom passed from death to life. In addition to the stated meetings of the different churches, this work was followed up by a Young Converts' Meeting every Tuesday night, and the Young Men's Christian Association meeting on Thursday nights, besides numerous kitchen meetings. The general Christian life was enriched by the movement.

‘Revivals in the Highlands and Islands’ by Alexander Macrea – Republished in 1998 by Tentmaker Publications.

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