Tisbury (1859)

"Declare among the people His doings."

The following brief account of God's gracious doings among the people of this country village may prove interesting to those who know "the birth-place of the late William Jay." Towards the end of September last, six members of the Con­gregational church formed themselves into a Revival band, and met privately for conference and prayer, for the outpouring of God's Spirit. "The Lord hearkened and heard." After a few weeks, they had the great pleasure of inviting a number of anxious inquirers to meet with them. The following incidents will show the nature and progress of God's work of grace amongst us:—Many professors are revived. Upwards of thirty persons have been brought to Christ. An equal number, it is hoped, are now seeking the salvation of their souls.—One Christian friend, a lay preacher, can rejoice over the conversion of his whole family, three sons and one daughter.—One young man was converted through the means of an extraordinary dream. Another was so powerfully convinced of sin, that he groaned and cried aloud for mercy in the midst of a meeting where perfect order was maintained; no attempts to "get up” excitement being encouraged or allowed. One Sabbath after­noon, some of the teachers felt it difficult to proceed, on account of the intense feeling amongst some of the children. One child threw her arms around her teacher's neck and besought her to pray for her. Nine of the children of the Congrega­tional Sunday-school are among the converts.—The prayer- meetings are now public, and as follows:—On Sunday morning at seven o'clock, afternoon at five; Monday evening, at seven; Wednesday evening, two cottage meetings, for females only; on Thursday evening, at seven; and on Friday evening, five cottage meetings. All well attended. J. B.

From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume ii, p36.

Additional Information

The church is now a house.

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