Fetter Lane Chapel London (1860)

I forward you some particulars of the blessed work that has been going on during the last few weeks at this chapel, where we have been holding special Revival services, and where, in answer to the prayers of the brethren and through the instrumentality of the devoted labours of our beloved pastor, the Rev. R. G. Harper, there has been a most gracious ingathering of precious souls to the Redeemer's kingdom. Upwards of 120 have, during the past three weeks, professed to realize the peace of God through believing, and still the work is going on. Upwards of forty of the dear children of our Sabbath-school have also made confession of the hope that is in them, resolving that they will by of the lambs of the "Good Shepherd's" fold.

Several interesting cases have come to knowledge in con­nexion with the above services, two or three of which I give you. A man of middle-age, long oppressed with doubts and fears, and waiting for some power by which he must be drawn to God, was shown that all that was necessary had been done for him by Jesus on the cross, and that it was his own part of the work to believe in the efficacy of that propitiatory Sacrifice. The poor man saw it, embraced it, and rejoiced in its possession. This brother came again the following night to tell others of the way of salvation; and in allusion to his having become a soldier of Christ, he said, "When I was here before I received my shilling, but since then I have got my bounty money. A young girl about sixteen having retired with other anxious inquirers, was asked if she was seeking salvation and replied that she had found it there a week before. "Then why have you come again, my sister?" "Oh, sir, I want to learn more of Jesus," was the reply. Another came seeking Jesus and having found peace through believing, desired that others of her family should enjoy that peace also. She brought another sister, and she became reconciled to her heavenly Father. The second sister brought a third. She realized the same blessing. A young man who had been distressed in mind for six months was enabled to believe to the saving of his soul. His wife has also become a participator in the same grace. A good brother said at one of the meetings that if he did not testify of the Lord's goodness to himself and his family in connexion with these special services, the very stones would cry out, inasmuch as three of his beloved children had found salvation. This brother moved with a desire that another son away from home might be present, went some miles to fetch him to one of the meetings. It was not in vain. The light of Divine truth broke in upon the mind of the youth. He was overwhelmed with sorrow for sin and seeking consolation and guidance, soon was enabled to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then, another daughter has given herself to the Lord—making five persons in one family; in other cases two and three of a family have been converted. A poor, grey-headed man, trembling with age and emotion, was told the way of salvation. He exclaimed, "I see it—I see it," as tears of joy rolled down his cheeks. Thus we could go on telling of the Lord's goodness did space permit. We beg an interest in the prayers of your readers that the Lord may continue to bless us.J. L.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume III, page 179.

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