Southport (1864)

Dear Brother in Jesus, - I have no doubt but you will be glad to hear how the work of God is going on in Southport as well as other places and that some good is being done here through the labour of a few who, I trust, have a single eye to God's glory.
This is a place where people of all classes come from all parts; some for pleasure, others to renovate their bodily health, and I can assure you I feel it no little task to stand up on our promenade to speak when so many of the fashionable and rich of the earth are walking about. But knowing, as I do, that they all have souls which must be eternally happy with God or in darkness in the pit, and as all are of the same importance before God, I therefore go in God's strength and stand pointing sinners the way of salvation through the blood of Jesus. And what a blessing that God will use the base things of the world to confound the mighty. Souls are being brought to Jesus, the only Friend to poor lost sinners. Yes, sinners are crying for mercy, and, bless God, finding peace through faith in the finished work of Jesus. I am happy to see that fruit is now appearing from the continued labours of my brother Moorhouse and myself last summer. Many are asking after him, and bless God for the gospel preached. Brother M'Kay, from Scotland, has been here and preached three nights in our Temperance Hall. The Lord was with him in much power, and some poor souls made happy in God's forgiving love. To God be all the praise and glory. Many tracts have been given away here which are readily received and read and I feel much good might be done by these  silent messengers, could we have a constant supply. 

"The Revival," August 4th, 1864.

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