Peel - Isle of Man (1861)

We (Dumfries Standard) find in a contemporary an account of a remarkable Revival of religion in the town of Peel, Isle of Man, brought about in a great measure, we believe, through the instrumentality of that devoted preacher, the Rev. T. T. Dilks (Wesleyan), formerly of Dumfries. The movement commenced on a Sabbath in February, when a sermon was preached entreating immediate decision; and at its close intelli­gence was read respecting the Revival in Dumfries. Many persons remained at the close for conversation; and such was the concern manifested for salvation that it was determined to hold daily prayer-meetings, which have continued with deepen­ing interest up till now. All classes of the community have been attending, and there is scarcely a house which does not own the influence. In some cases whole families have bowed before it, and in many instances divided families have been con­stituted households of faith. A number of the youth, beloved for their parents' sake, have believed with great joy; some who have been many years attending the services have at length yielded to the Spirit; and a great number who were living in the total neglect of Divine worship are now with manifest sin­cerity serving God in the courts of his house. Not a few of these were remarkable in the town as swearers, drunkards, and profligates, and several had grown grey in Satan's service. The Sabbath-school children are also meeting every night in large numbers, under the direction of their teachers; and there is good evidence of a gracious work going on in their souls. The effects of the work are visible in the streets, especially at night and on the Lord's day; and also in the homes of the people, where family altars have been raised and prayer meetings established.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 142.

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