Ness (1875)

(I would not normally include this as there are no comments about salvations, but it sounds like it is the start of something and I am very interested to hear that the awakening over Scotland has not touched Lewis.)

This comes from a quarter where little or nothing is generally known of the present movement; and what
is more, the vague idea which some have of it makes not a very favourable impression, or rather it makes an
unfavourable impression, on the people. Nevertheless, it seems to us that clouds fraught with blessing - clouds
which have been and still are copiously watering other places of our beloved land - hover about the country,
ready to descend in copious showers to water the thirsty ground, in answer to the prayers of God's people. We
have anxiously been looking out for any symptom of such refreshing showers; and we think we have discovered something fitted to cheer our discouraged hearts and strengthen our tried faith, - a cloud, it is true, not bigger than a man's hand, but we hope it will by and by cover the face of the heavens, and then descend in copious showers on our dry, thirsty land.

The people of God in this quarter, even in the face of very unfavourable circumstances, seem to be ex­periencing a reviving. The means of grace seem to be more than usually a source of refreshing to them. Their tone and conduct seem more charitable towards those with whom they had been at variance; they breathe a forgiving spirit towards their enemies, and a spirit of brotherly love towards one another.  Their sympathies are extended to those that are without, while there is a manifest yearning over Christless friends and dear ones yet unsaved. Their hearts seem greatly enlarged in their intercessory prayers. The means of grace are multiplied and not a few of the young as well as the aged seem to be interested in the proceedings. At the meetings there is a good attention given both by old and young, and an air of solemnity seems to pervade the whole assembly. Even in meetings where it was not customary to see any young people, a few slip in among their more aged friends, these being evidently anxious to hear what the Lord has to say. We hail these signs as so many rain drops, harbingers of a shower of blessing.


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