Patricroft (1875)

Dear Sir - I just wish to send you a short account of the work of God now going on in this neighbourhood. I could fill many pages with interesting details of conversions, but think it would be unwise to take up so much of your space.

The writer, after attending a number of the evangelistic meetings in Manchester as one of the voluntary choir determined to make an effort in Patricroft, and for that purpose secured the use of the old Congregational chapel. The first meeting was held on Thursday, January 21, and was a great success. The place was well filled, and over 200 stayed to the after-meeting.
We also held a third meeting, when four persons found peace in believing, three of them being my own scholars. We have held several meetings since, always with the same result - numbers of inquirers and many conversions.

We intend to go on praying and working for the salvation of precious souls, and thus by God's help to
deal such a blow at Satan's kingdom as shall make him stagger.


"Times of Blessing," Feb 18th, 1875

Additional Information

I do not know where the "Old" Congregational chapel was. A new one was built in 1969 in Shakespeare Cresent.

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