Milfield Primitive Methodist Chapel (1865)

The Spirit of the Lord has been poured out on this place, and a season of rejoicing in the Lord given to all saints, that such a number among different denominations have been brought from darkness into light, and are now going on their way rejoicing in a risen Saviour. The Lord has greatly blessed the late labours of Mr Steel. Since he left, the Rev Mr Hine from Wooler has preached four sermons in the Primitive Methodist chapel, which was each time well attended, and where a gracious blessing seems to have followed his labours. Impressions made by the preaching of Mr Steel seem to have been quickened, and more have been brought to find peace in believing. In the prayer meetings which are being kept up by the believing brethren, the Spirit of the Lord is working to the refreshing of saints, and the awakening of more dead souls. A general spirit of serious devotion appears to reign in the whole neighbourhood and were the meetings kept up by another of God's own chosen ministers being sent among us,  A rich harvest of living souls would be reaped for his hire. 

"The Revival," March 9th, 1865.

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