Glanton (1863)

For some months, this district has been in the enquiring state as regards spiritual matters. Tidings of the Lord's work at Wooler, only 10 miles distance, reached us, and some of God's people were stirred up to pray that the same blessing might be extended to them; but none of them thought they would see such things so soon. Some two months ago, there was a meeting held at a place called Haitside, amongst the hills, especially for the shepherds, by Mr Murray, missionary for Reverend Dr Bonar of Kelso. To that meeting went our minister, the Rev Fotheringham, and was so struck with the largeness of the meetings on the powerful address of Mr Murray on that occasion, that he invited him to come to Glanton to hold a few meetings. Dr Bonar was applied to and he most kindly consented. So on the 17th of last month, Mr Murray began his meetings here. That evening, the church was crowded, and not a few were impressed; but they have been continued for these two weeks, and seen sights that have astonished God's own people, and made the enemies wonder. Some few at first were seen to smile at the “whole affair,“ as they termed it: not so now; one or two of those that came to laugh, are now rejoicing in a Saviour found, and the rest of them have ceased to smile, feeling the power of the truth. The attendance on the week evenings is so large that the church cannot hold them at times. Mr Murray‘s addresses have been telling and we are quite safe in saying that not one night has passed without good being done. Many who, sometime back, were contented in form have now the reality. Mothers come with infants in their arms, so great is the desire to hear the word. Never had such solemn meetings been seen in Glanton. Mr Murray states the truthes concerning Jesus in a very clear and convincing way. He is a preacher of Christ; not feelings with him, but Christ. He has had the countenance of a few of the ministers and there is a great desire on the part of many to hear him. On the last two Sabbath nights many could not get in and a great many of those who heard went away pierced and very blessed results have taken place. Last Sabbath evening, the church was full; most part of an hour before the time every corner of the church was crowded. Truly we can say the Lord has done great things for us here. This work He has begun, and He will carry it on. It is taking hold of all classes, rich and poor, churchgoers and non-churchgoers join us in asking the Lord to do great things still and in giving Him thanks for what He has done and is now doing. 

June 2, 1863

"The Revival," June 18th, 1863.

It has gladdened the heart of every true Christian here to think that we have been privileged to see such days and sights, and hear such things as have taken place amongst us. Truly God has done great things for us - things that we have long prayed for, but astonished us when they came in the Lord’s time and way. 

We can be safe in saying a great awakening has taken place amongst us and in this district, perhaps on as large a scale as any place or part we know of at present. It is a time of power and of salvation. Not a day passes without some soul being made to rejoice in Christ Jesus, as the only and sufficient Saviour, and it will only be in eternity that we can praise Him for his mighty power and work just now.

Some of our last meetings have been very solemn. God's dear servant, Mr Murray, has been very ill, and unable to speak for some nights; but the minister of the place, who is greatly stirred up and takes such an interest in the Lord's work, held the meetings, and they were largely attended and solemn, the presence of God in our midst, and some final results have followed. To God be all the praise! Mr Murray's last two meetings were nights of great display of Divine power. He was weak,
but Divine strength was given. The evening before the last he gave an address from Hosea iv 17, "Ephraim is joined to idols; let him alone." It was a night of great searching of hearts; every word seemed to fall with greater power than another, and many, who remained all along quite careless, were that night arrested and went home, some of them in deep, deep distress, and one or two went away rejoicing. We can truly bless God that ever He sent such a man as Mr Murray amongst us, who
has declared the truths of God's Word with such plainness and without fear, having only the good of souls at heart. Many, I do not doubt, will yet call him blessed; and, although he is now away from us, he has many friends behind that will continue to plead for him that blessings may ever attend him.

"The Revival," June 25th, 1863.

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