Newcastle (1864)

You will be glad to hear that the work of the Lord is going on gloriously among our working men. Our week-night services are crowded both indoors and in the open air, and many precious souls are from time to time made happy in the knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus. This morning we had a large attendance at the early Sabbath prayer meeting at quarter to seven. About one hundred were present, many bearing blessed testimony to the power of saving grace. Since June 4 a devoted and zealous band of our working men have gone each Saturday evening, at the close of our market day, and offered the Word of God for sale. They hand me an account of the previous night's sales at the Sabbath morning prayer meeting. I enclose you their simple statement for last night:- "Dear Sir, - We sold 166 Bibles, Testaments, Gospels; and 1,000 tracts we distributed; we had a prayer meeting in the open air. - We remain, your truly Brethren in Christ, THE WORKING MEN."This makes about 810 copies of the Word sold, and 6,000 tracts given away, in the time above mentioned. Glory be to God alone.

"The Revival," April 28th, 1864.

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