Barnards Green (1861)

A few weeks since, the Rev. Mr Skerne, of East Barnet, visited Malvern, and the Lord blessed his labours in converting sinners and arousing slumbering Christians. The next week a brother from London went there, and he also was made the means of doing much good. Another friend from London is now at Malvern and thus writes: "The Lord is blessing me. You sowed, I am reaping; you watered with your tears and prayers, I am plucking the precious fruit. The chapel is crowded when the service is conducted in it, and the schoolroom and vestries are filled with penitent seekers of Jesus. In some of the meetings, especially those of Sunday and Mon­day night, the scenes were heart-rending, yet glorious; strong men were bowed down and oppressed beneath a sense of guilt and sin, and their powerful frames seemed convulsed with emotion, and others, in the pangs of the new birth, earnestly groaned seeking deliverance. Not a few found Jesus. The new song was sung by young and old. Some, who like those of old, did say, Where is the promise of his coming,' did feel Him first as a quickening fire, and then as the balm of Gilead, and saw Him as the Rose of Sharon. Yesterday morning I visited, in company with the Scripture-reader, an old, grey-headed swearer, scoffer, and drunkard. On entering his cottage the hoary sinner was apparently turning over the leaves of his Bible. We asked, ‘Are you converted? No,' was his reply. 'I try to pray, and I do all I can, and if I can't get Jesus I can't help it 'We prayed with him, and he seemed a little sere softened down. We prayed again, and then said to him, ' Di you think Jesus can save you? ’Yes,' was his prompt reply ‘in his own good time.' We turned him to 2 Cor. vi. 2, ‘Behold now is the accepted time: behold today is the day of salvation.’ The Holy Ghost applied it, and the hardened one began to weep and pray, 'Jesus, wilt thou forgive me now. Oh, sweet Jesus. forgive a poor drunkard, swearer, and wife-beater.' We turned to Rom. iii. 24, 25. He added to his prayer, ‘For thy blood's sake, Jesus.' We then prayed. He groaned being burdened; his cries were heard in the road, and some stopped to look. We then turned him to 1 Pet. ii. 24, and iii. 18, and to Gal. iii. 13, and then to John iii, and the first clause of the 18th and 36th verses. The Spirit blessed the word, and God put honour upon his Anointed One.' The poor old sinner looked up and cried, I thank thee Jesus, that I am not condemned, because thou has bore my sins upon the tree; I do believe, I can believe. Oh God, I shall go to heaven,' &c. We commenced singing, Praise God from whom,' &c. He sang till the whole neighbourhood rang with his joy shouts. He is seventy-five years old. Is not this a brand plucked out of the burning? 'In the evening I preached at Barnard's Green. Several of the navvies found Jesus. The little chapel was crowded with seeking souls after the open-air service. Thus a poor, ignorant, wilful worm is blessed because his dear brethren and sisters in London and elsewhere are praying for him. I will, to all my other requests, beg you to pray for me more and more.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 31.

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