Winchester (1863)

Beloved Brother,- I have just returned home from special services in Winchester. The Lord's hand has been with us to save, and I write you a line, knowing you will be interested to hear of even the smallest blessing on my feeble efforts to win souls.Our meetings were held during the last four days, and increased in interest and power. Each night the service was at a different place, and I think Christians have been much moved to work for Christ, and to sympathize one with another in the work. The first two nights a deep feeling pervaded the meeting, and many remained to our after-meeting for prayer; but the third night the people seemed intensely moVed, and many, with weeping and prayer, sought the Saviour. Last night a similar Bochim seene was witnessed. At about ten o'clock, I asked those who had that night found peace in Jesus to rise from their knees, and thus testify publicly their faith in the Saviour. I suppose about a dozen responded at once and with these I shook hands, addressing personally a word to each. There were still, howerer, a number seeking Christ, some in deep distress.

"The Revival", 5th February 1863.

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