Manchester (1863)

The Lord’s work is still going on well at Jackson Road, Deansgate and precious souls have been brought to Jesus. All glory be to him. Our God is using the foolish things of this world to confound the wise and weak things to confound the mighty and things that are not to bring to nought the things are, that no flesh may glory in his presence. The less we think about self and the more we look alone to God, the more blessed results we shall see. This has been the case with us. This place is a great field for labour; we get all classes to hear the gospel and the Lord is gathering in of every kind. Thieves and harlots and many poor people have been blessed; young and old, learned and unlearned, have found the Saviour and are now very useful in the Lord’s work; and it does us good to hear them give their testimony to the saving power of the gospel. Souls profess to find peace every meeting; the Lord knows them that are his. At our last meeting a woman who was going to the parks to spend the night there, was led to the meeting where she was broken down with a sense of her sin and while some of the sisters were speaking to her she heard a still small voice say to her, “thy sins, which are many, are all forgiven,” then she got up and testified before the people how she had found peace by taking God's word. A young man said, such a change had come over him since he entered the room that he could not account for it. He said he had been a great thief and rogue and had never been in a place of worship for 19 years, but with God’s help, he would lead a different life. A woman of the street was broken down and she said she would go anywhere to get off the streets and we believe she is now where she will be cared for. Another young sister told how she had been blessed. She pleaded earnestly that those unsaved would come to the Saviour and be made happy as she was. We might tell you much more the word careful stop it just conducted chiefly by working men and God is ending their labours."

"The Revival", August 20th, 1863.


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