Blair Atholl (1874)

WE are permitted to, extract the following from a letter sent, to, Captain Mackenzie by a much respected Highland minister:

We are glad to hear of the blessing attending the labours of your evangelists, Messrs Ferguson and Bisset, at Pitlochry and Blair, etc. I went over to Blair-Athol on Wednesday last, and preached there on Thursday (Fast) both at Struan and Blair, and had the pleasure of meeting with a number of the young converts there. After preaching in the evening in Mr Stuart's Free Church, and before pronouncing the blessings I asked the young Christians to wait in the church after the congregation dispersed, which they did. Almost the whole of the awakened remained. They were in five or six groups here and there through the church. I went to them and conversed with them all, and was much satisfied with the correct answers they gave to the several pointed questions I put to them. Their minds seemed opened to the truth, and the eyes of some of the dear lads and girls were beaming with joy at having found Christ as a Saviour from sin and wrath.

During the half hour I was engaged in conversing with these dear converts, and singing with them, was to me the pleasantest and perhaps the most proftable part of the services of the day. There is most manifestly a gracious work of God at present at Blair-Athol, as well as at Pitlochry and other places around. May the Lord carry it on more and more; and pray along with me, sir, that it may reach Laggan, Kingussie, Abernethy, and all parts of the poor Highlands.

There is no movement as yet in my congregation as in the south, but not a few of my people are complaining and sighing, and longing for an outpouring of the Spirit.

"Times of Blessings," May 21st, 1874

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