Kintra (1874)

My DEAR SIR, - For the last sixteen years there has not been such a general desire in the Highlands to hear the word of God and to converse about eternal realities as at present. Some Christian men at Fort William, who had been quickened by the work in the South, commenced cottage meetings. These grew and were continued in the Free Church, when Mr Stewart and others, helped by Rev. Mr Grant of Tain, conducted the meetings. During our visit a goodly band of young men and young women professed faith in Christ We found Glencoe hard, and saw little apparent result, yet the people were cordial. At Appin we had a precious time. Here the ministers took an active part in the work and besides there are many others in this district who sympathise deeply with evangelistic efforts, and, need I say, the Lord gave fruit. We noticed persons coming several miles nightly to the meetings. The work is kept on by the ministers, a local missionary, and a band of sweet singers. We met a young woman at Ardchattan who had been six months anxious about her soul, to the injury of her bodily health. She professed to have had her load removed, At Kinggearloch and in the Morven district we had a hearty reception.
The Established Church was placed at our disposal, and some were quickened into life. One woman was awakened by a letter by her daughter who had received a blessing in Edinburgh last winter. One letter especially was used to awaken her. The mother appears now to be resting on Christ as the Rock of her salvation. We met two young sisters who had got good to their souls - one in Glasgow and the other at Oban, where the ministers and others have been holding special meetings for several months. These tried to keep the matter quiet, even from each other. Means were used and resulted in making known what God hath done for their souls. The joy of the sisters was great.

A Sabbath school was formed in a district in Morven where there had been none before. Evangelistic services are held in five places about this neighbourhood. The work was commenced before we came by the ministers and Mr William Muir, of the granite quarries, Torosay, where the men meet every dinner hour to read the Bible. This exercise is much profit to their souls.
One of the chief men is testifying for Christ. The lighthouses community on the island of Eaaried (about 40 people) are most thankful for the special effort and there are signs of blessing among them. At Iona, Bunessan and Kintra meetings are held continuously. Last Tuesday we visited the Channel Fleet, anchored fifteen miles away, and distributed about 1,200 tracts and papers. We had a hearty reception from the tars. Our Gaelic missionary, Mr Livingstone with Mr Marnie, has been labouring on the east side of Mull and we hear, with a measure of success. A majority of the young people who had been seeing their friends in the Highland in the month of July had been converted to God in Glasgow, Edinburgh etc during the late awakening and in some instances their visits were blessed. 

We are making an effort to engage additional agents for Mull and the northern part of Argyllshire.

Additional Information

Although salvations are not mentioned, 'continuous meetings,' indicate something was happening.

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