Ford (1861)

Dear Brothers,—I sent you a few days back some extracts from the letters of a Christian brother on a visit to Ber­wick-on-Tweed. I send you now two more extracts from sub­sequent letters from him, describing a work of God among the young there, and some extracts from several letters of another brother, who has been for some time residing near Berwick, describing the work of God in several of the villages in the neighbourhood. Ever yours in the Lord Jesus, W.

London June 26th.

Extracts on the work in some villages in the neighbourhood of Berwick, March 14.—" I hope you do not think it unkind of my not writing to you sooner! but the reason is on account of my being so much engaged in the glorious work of God that is going on about here, especially in the parish of Ford. The Lord is very present with me. Indeed, he is using me in a way that is marvellous to myself and to others that know me. It matters little where I go. There is an open door. The places crowded to the door, and in many places people have to go away, being unable to get in. I am often away from home two or three days at a time. Of those that have been converted one very striking case was a young man about twenty years of age. I preached from Gen. vii.1 about two months ago. There was no prayer-meeting; in fact, it is rather a difficult matter to get a prayer-meeting after preaching but wherever there is a chance of holding one I always do, for it is in the prayer-meeting that souls are generally converted. However, it was not so with this young man. He went home, went on his knees and asked forgiveness, went to bed, and while there, found the Saviour. He was so happy, he thought he must get up and go and tell everybody how happy he was; but then he thought he would wait until the morning. When the morning came, a dark cloud had come over him. A week passed like that, some­times doubting and sometimes trusting. One day I happened to be walking up the same road where he was. He came to me and said, ‘Oh, sir, I am so glad to see you.' I asked him where he had seen me. He then told me what I have just told you. He was in a very distressed state of mind. I said, 'Let us go to prayer at once.' So we knelt down on the road-side. I prayed for him; then he prayed for himself. The Lord spoke peace to his soul. He got up, tools hold of my hand with both of his, blessed and praised God, and has gone on most gloriously ever since, which is now near two months ago. I think I told you of a young woman who was at the same meeting. She came to the house where I was stopping the morning after the meeting, weeping most bitterly. We went down on our knees, poured out our souls to God. The Lord spoke peace to her soul, and she is going on her way rejoicing, though she has had a great deal of persecution from those who call themselves Christians. I was preaching at Crookham a few weeks back; the place was crowded, and numbers had to go away who could not get in. There was a young woman converted on the spot just where I was speaking. As I was leaving the village, she got hold of my hand, and with tears of joy told me that she had found Jesus, and now she was happy. I saw her some days after, and she was still rejoicing in Jesus. Praise the Lord. I think- I told you about a young man who thought he was not one of the elect. He is still going on with his face Zion-ward.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 4.

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