Glasgow (1874)

We extract the following from a report of the progress of the work of revival in Glasgow, which appeared in the Daily Mail of 6th instant. It is from the pen of Mr M'Auslane, the chief reporter on the staff of that paper:-

Since the departure from Glasgow of Messrs Moody and Sankey, a number of persons, under the influence of friendly
or unfriendly, feelings, have been desirous of ascertaining how the religious movement in the city progresses, and we
have therefore made inquiries, and submit the results, which are of an interesting and encouraging character. 

The number of those who professed to have been converted between the commencement of the present year and the middle of May - when Mr Moody met them, in the Kibble Crystal Palace--was 3133. These were connected with the various churches in the city and neighbourhood, including the adjacent burghs, in the following proportions:--66 Free churches or congregations, 1048 converts; 62 United Presbyterian churches, 856 converts; 60 Established churches, 495, 15 Congregational, 132; 8 Baptist, 91; 8 Reformed Presbyterian 58; 9 Espicopalian 47; 6 Evangelical Union 36; 10 Methodist, 30; 6 Brethren, 21; 2 Original Secession, 7; Seamen's Chapel, 4; 2 Society of Friends, 1; 1 Catholic Apostolic, 1; Christ's Church, 1; Dr P. Hately Waddell's, 1; 52 country churches 118; no church given, 65; no congregation given, 9; unascertained, 64 - making a total of 316 congregations, with, as before mentioned 3,133 converts. It is interesting and perhaps suggestive, to note the number of converts connected with some individual congregations in the respective denominations. Finnieston Free Church had the highest number, 92; Augustine Free Church, 70; Kelvinside Free Church, 64; East Campbell Street United Presbyterian Church, 19; Anderston Free Church, 48; Wellington Street United Presbyterian Church, 47; Barony Free
Church, 41; and Free St. Matthew's Church, 40; Union Free Church and St. Vincent Street United Presbyterian Church had each 37; Free St. Mark's Church, 36; Kent Road United Presbyterian Church, St. Columba's Established Church, Townhead Established Church, and Ewing Place Congregational Church, each 35; Trinity Free Church, 34; Wellpark Free Church, Hope Street Baptist Church and John Street Baptist Church, 32 each; Burbank United Presbyterian Church, 31; Lyon Street Free Church, and St. Stephen's Free Church, 30 each; Regent Place Church and Eglinton Street United Presbyterian Church.
29 each; St. Mary's Free Church, Govan, Free St. John's, Lansdowne United Presbyterian Church. and St. Peter's Established Church, 26 each; Free St. Peter's Church, Cathedral Street United Presbyterian Church, and Eglington St, Congregational Church, 25 each; and Duke St and Erskine United Presbyterian Churches, 24 each; Caledonia Road and John Street United Presbyterian Churches, 23 each; Hope Street Free Gaelic, Stockwell Free, Free St. David's, Shamrock St United Presbyterian and Sydney Place United Presbyterian Churches, 22 each; Free College  Greenhead United Presbyterian, Hutchesontown United Presbyterian, St George's Established and St Silas' Episcopalian Churches, 21 each; Queens Park Free, Cambridge St United Presbyterian, Trinity Congregational, Sandyford Established and St Mark's Established Churches, 20 each; Maryhill United Presbyterian and Blackfriars' Street Baptist Churches, 19 each; Milton Established Church, 18; Free St. George's, Anderston United Presbyterian, London Road United Presbyterian, and St. George's-in-the-Fields Established Churches, 17 each; Cowcaddens Free, Greyfriars' United Presbyterian, Queen's
Park United Presbyterian, Gorbals Established and St. Enoch Established Churches, 15 each; Chalmers Free, Hutchesontown Free, Victoria Free, Berkley St United Presbyterian, Claremont Street United Presbyterian, North
Frederick Street United Presbyterian, Parliamentary Road United Presbyterian, Brownfield Established, St. Stephen's Established, Grant Street Reformed Presbyterian, and Cumberland Street Reformed Presbyterian Churches, 14 each; Bridgegate Free, Gorbals Free, Young St Free, Govan United Presbyterian, Pollokshaws United Presbyterian, Renfield Street
United Presbyterian, Barony Established, Macleod Established, and Dundas Street Evangelical Union Churches, 13 each; Partick Free High, Renfield Free, St James Free, Gorbals United Presbyterian, and John Street Methodist Churches, 12 each; Free St. Luke's, Dennistoun United Presbyterian, Elders' Havannah Established, St. James' Established, and Pollok Street United Presbyterian Churches, 11 each; Free St Enochs, Free St Pauls, Free Tron, Ibrox United Presbyterian, St Andrews Established, Great Hamilton St Reformed Presbyterian, and Blackfriars' Street Evangelical Union churches, 10 each. It is worthy to note, that of the 3,133 professed converts, the greater number, 1,670, were males, so that the sneering observation made with respect to Mr Moody's efforts elsewhere, that most of the professed converts were females, does not apply to Glasgow. Their ages varied, and some elderly persons were amongst the number, but the majority were under thirty years of age.

"Times of Blessing," July 16th, 1874.

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