Stafford (1860)

The Lord is making known his power here—reviving his work, not only in the hearts of his people, but in the conversion of sinners, thus answering the prayers that have long been ascending. , S. came last Tuesday eveningrole and preached the gospel from Luke xiv. There was nothing very striking in his preaching. I have heard many more powerful sermons in that room. Still, there was a deep solemnity, the presence of God making itself felt, and that evening there was joy in the presence of the angels of God over many sinners brought to repentance. Distress of-soul detained many in the room until eleven o'clock! And the next morning, upwards of 200 were there at six o'clock for a prayer-meeting. Mr S. preached at seven, and much blessing was the result. He had to go to Birmingham that day; but at our usual prayer-meeting at eight, on Wednesday evening, instead of 28 or 30 persons, upwards of 300 were present, and a solemn season it was. The prayers were most fervent, and the Lord gave peace to many souls. Oh! it is one thing to hear or read of Revivals, quite another to be in the midst of one. New-born souls all around you in the freshness of first love. It is a privilege indeed to be permitted to witness the Lord's work in this place. On Friday evening Mr S. preached in Zion Chapel, which is larger than another in the town. The Philippian jailor was the subject, and after the preaching many others were led to cast themselves at the feet of Jesus and cry, “Lord save me." Never was there such a scene in that place. Yet all was solemn, quiet, and orderly. Souls are passing from death into life.- Correspondent of London Messenger.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume II, page 142.

The Lord is working very graciously here. Through his goodness there are upwards of 60 souls who have found peace this week. One very striking instance is that of a little boy about seven years of age. A very unruly boy was brought to the room by his mother, a believer. He was convicted, wept bitterly all night, had no rest, but found peace to his soul next day. The poor little fellow's heart was so full that he did not communicate anything to his father, but went to his grand­father and grandmother, about a mile off, an aged couple, upwards of 70, but living without hope and without God in the world. Mr W-- had spoken to them several times, but without any result. The dear boy took his seat between them, and began by saying, "I was at the room last night." The grandmother said, '‘Wast thee? and what sort of a meeting was there?" He said, "A very happy meeting, and a very unhappy meeting." She said, "Why, wast thou unhappy?' He said, "I was, and I did so cry." She said, "What made thee cry?" "Oh," he said, "my sins, my sins!" "Well," she said, "but thee doesn't look unhappy now." "No," he said, "I am happy now!" "Why," she said, "what makes thee happy now?' He said, "Because my sins are all gone— the blood of Jesus has washed away all my sins." She turned to her husband, and said, "This is a word for thee and me, the Lord has sent this for me and thee; "and they both fell into tears under the deepest conviction; but there is little doubt of their having found peace in Jesus, ere this. Truly it is out of the mouths of babes and sucklings the Lord hath ordained praise.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume II, page 142.

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