Blakeney (1861)

Mr Rodway, whose labours in Gloucestershire we mentioned a fortnight since, has, from the period of his first call to his work as an evangelist, constantly asked the prayers of the meeting at Stafford Rooms (Young Men's Christian Association, North-West Branch). The following is from his last letter: " Will you return thanks to God for hearing prayer in reference to Blakeney and Coleford (in the forest of Dean); the last night at Blakeney we had quite fifty under deep concern, among them some of the wickedest people in the place. I think over 200 professed to find peace with God.

"We commenced our services here at Coleford last Sunday night. Thirty-one came up to the vestry to be prayed for while the service was going on. Seventeen found peace with God that night, most of them adults. Last night the place was crammed, and it was felt that God was there. The meeting lasted three hours and a half, and quite a hundred were under deep conviction of sin. Tonight we are expecting a large outpouring of God's Spirit.

"Pray for me that I may be kept depending on God. The service was so exhausting on Sunday night that I kept fainting after it was all over, and I felt scarcely able to proceed. I shall be obliged to rest the remainder of this week. May I be helped of God."

A correspondent writes from COLEFORD: —"On Sunday evening Feb. 24, and the two following evenings, Mr Rodway, of Stroud, delivered three impressive addresses on "Revivals," in the Independent Chapel to overflowing audiences. Great solemnity pervaded each meeting, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was felt. Very many stayed behind each evening to converse with Mr R. and other Christian friends and on Tuesday evening nearly three hundred. Some were in the deepest agony on account of sin, and all expressed their desire to give up everything for Christ; eighteen professed to obtain peace with God on the Sabbath evening, and many others on the following evenings. Meetings for anxious sinners are now held every evening, and from forty to fifty attend. United prayer for the Holy Spirit has been offered for nearly two years, and now it is believed that a special outpouring is given us. In all the above meetings, Christians of each of the different bodies in the town have united to converse and pray with the inquirers. Wherever this may be read, pray for Coleford that the glorious work may go on."

From the 'Revival Newspapers', Volume IV, page 78.

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