Wnterton (1876)

Meetings have been held here by Messeres Rice and Dean. A correspondent writes: - Our population is 1800; the Hall seats about 900 or more. Mr Rice preached the Gospel simply, clearly, and attractively, and a gracious influence pervades each service. Several persons found peace through believing, and others seemed to be deeply impressed. I think he secured the attendance of a fair proportion of the non-church and chapel-going population, and that considerably more good will result than was apparent.

Mr Dean has carried on the work with more manifest results, owing partly, I quite believe, to the preparatory work of Mr Rice.
I believe several have yielded themselves unto God and others are seeking rest in Christ. The general effect of the fortnight's services cannot fail to be very good, and but for the advanced season for farmers, labourers, &c., we should gladly have gone on with the services for another week or two.

"The Christian," March 23rd, 1876.


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