Plymouth (1861)

Our dear brother, T. S. Henry, in answer to many prayers, has been permitted to see much blessing in the town of Plymouth, where he has been staying the last week. He has not only addressed large numbers, both adults and children, but many, both at the meetings and in private, have, after conversation and counsel, been enabled to rest on Jesus and his finished work for their soul's salvation. The work here has been most encouraging to those who, in this town, have been long looking to the Lord for a blessing, such as He is bestowing elsewhere. Mr Henry adopted the plan of re­ceiving anxious souls to speak with him at the house of the friend with whom he was staying, and here alone, during the first week, forty persons profess to have found peace to their souls—this is independent of those who received blessing at and after the public meetings.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 199.

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Location unknown.

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