Cornhill (1874)

Next to Drumblade, the greatest work I have seen has been at Cornhill, in Banffshire, where one night at least two hundred remained for conversation in the Free Church. Some of them had come about eight miles to the meeting, and this after a good day's work. There must be deep concern before men would come that distance. We had to speak with the anxious in parties of twelve and fifteen, and even then could not overtake all.

Besides places already mentioned in former letters, there has been blessing at Culsamond, One, Leslie, Forgue, New
Deer, Peterhead, and doubtless elsewhere in the county; while at Logie Pert, in Kincardineshire, there has been a great and
blessed work.

We had a time of much quickening to believers with the visits of Henry Varley, who came most opportunely after the work of awakening and conversion at the time of the visit of Messrs Daniels, Stewart, and others.

There is a deep and warm feeling of expectancy for the visit of Messrs Moody and Sankey, that is, we trust, a sign of
much blessing coming with them.


"The Christian," May 28th, 1874.

We can now only trace its course in the neighbouring parishes, in order to give some idea of its breadth. Commencing at Portsoy (where a good work is at present being done), on the Moray Frith, not far from the mouth of the Deveron, and moving inland nearly along its course, there is, contiguous to Portsoy, Cornhill; to Cornhill, Marnoch; to Marnoch, Rothiemay. Following, then, the course of the Bogie upwards from its entrance into the Deveron, contiguous to Rothiemay, there is Drumblade; to Drumblade, Gartly; to Drumblade and Gartly eastward, Culsalmond; near the source of the Ury to Gartly southward (following the course of the Bogie), Kinnethmont; to Kinnethmont, Premnay; to Premnay, Oyne; to Oyne, Garioch; to Garioch, Old meldrum and Inverurie. And now we are on the banks of the Don, sixteen miles from Aberdeen. And thus in
thirteen contiguous parishes, which, following the course indicated above, extend at least fifty miles in length by many in breadth along the banks of these rivers, the God of our salvation has been graciously sending streams of blessing from that river of life the streams whereof make glad the city of our God. 

26th June, 1874.

"Times of Blessing," July 9th, 1874.

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