Langley Hall - Reginald Radcliffe (1861)

This was the home of Sir Thomas Beauchamp, who was the person who invited William Haslam to take the livings of Hassingham and Buckenham.

Reginald Radcliffe stayed here.

"The visit of Mr Radcliffe to the towns in these counties has been much blessed. He was ac¬companied generally by Mr Henry, who, however, was unable through indisposition to be present at Norwich, Ipswich, and Loddon, where he was expected. At Norwich, the use of the Eastern Counties Goods Depot was kindly granted, and the vicar presided over a meeting of 2500 to 3000, at the close of which upwards of 1200 remained for conversation, direction, and prayer. It was announced that the meetings during the week would be held in the same place.—A corres¬pondent of the Norfolk News says "What the issue of the whole may he is of course uncertain, but already some hundreds have, it is confidently asserted, either been savingly converted to God, or brought under serious conviction as to their spiritual necessities. The awakening appears to have been general through all the denominations, and all that has been affected has been without any other effort than the simple exposition of God's word, and the earnest, fervent prayers of the church of God." We are informed that "Mr Radcliffe and Rev. R. D. Graves were staying at Langley Park, the zeal of Sir W. Beauchamp, Bart., and held an evening meeting in the village school-room. The next morning some 150 assembled at the hall, anxious to know further about the Lord Jesus. There was a great breaking down among the dear countrymen and women, and many went away, we believe, rejoicing, in a newly-found Saviour. It is most encouraging to these workers to see the Eastern Counties thus turning out, as it were, to hear about Jesus. Oh for more labourers in these Eastern Counties, and they would be moved to their centres."

THE EASTERN COUNTIES p86 18th March 1861.

Additional Information

This is now a school.

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