South Church Stonehaven (1874)

This town has at length received some droppings of the great shower of blessing with which our land has been so richly watered. The services of Messrs Daniels and Stewart, of the Scottish Evangelistic Association, having been procured, these evangelists commenced their labours here on Sabbath, the 9th inst., in the Free Church; and since that date they have conducted evangelistic meetings there every evening (except Saturday) until Tuesday the 25th inst. The attendances at all the meetings have, on the whole, been large, and have in this respect far exceeded the most, sanguine expectations. The farewell meeting was largely attended, and was a most solemn and impressive one. Mr Daniels also held a series of children's meetings, which were numerously attended both by children and parents. On account of his special and superior ability to instruct children, these latter meetings were particularly interesting and profitable. It is to be regretted that these devoted servants had to leave on Tuesday, seeing so much work still remains to be done; but it has been resolved to continue the work by holding a special evangelistic meeting every Thursday evening. The prayers of the Lord's people are earnestly requested for a blessing on these meetings. A daily prayer meeting (a thing hitherto unknown in Stonehaven) was held during last week, and though many predicted that it and the other meetings would be a complete failure, the Lord blessed wonderfully, and about 50 people attended daily. During the whole time there have been some anxious souls, most of whom have professed to find peace in Christ. Although the movement is opposed by many, who not only refuse to co-operate in it, but utterly ignore the Spirit's work throughout our land, the Lord has graciously been pleased to send many willing and devoted workers, some of whom are here on holidays, and among whom are the following:- The Rev. Mr Munro, Logierait, Perthshire (who, though come for rest, has thrown his heart into the movement and worked most indefatigably), Rev Mr Philip, Fordoun; Rev. Mr Bell, Aberdeen; Rev. Mr Ross, London, Rev Mr Hamilton, Cockpen; Rev Mr Minto, Inverurie; Dr Minto of Edinburgh. An efficient efficient choir, with a harmonium, greatly contributed to the success of the meetings. Considering the darkness reigning around, the Lord has indeed been working mightily in our midst, and it is earnestly hoped that these are but droppings of a great shower of blessing yet in store for the town of Stonehaven.

"Times of Blessing," Sep 24th 1874.


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