Westbury (1863)

A short time ago, the Lord directed Mr Ricketts of Poole, to this place, who has been holding special services, and wonderful have been the results. Men, women, and children who a short time ago might have been seen in the public house, cursing, and fighting, are now at the foot of the cross, having got their own sins pardoned, and are pleading for the souls of their friends and relatives. It was wonderful to see the change in them. Sunday after Sunday the chapel is crowded and many go away not being able to get in and souls get blessed every night. One poor old woman we particularly noticed, who, when she realised Christ as having pardoned his sins, clasped her hands together, and shouted, “Glory, glory, glory,“ until she seemed quite absorbed in silent prayer to God.

"The Revival," May 7th, 1863.

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