Bangor (1874)

The work began, meantime, to spread to the adjacent towns. Meetings were held for some four nights in Bangor, ten miles from Belfast, by H. Moorhouse, Rev. Williamson, and some others, and considering the size of the town, the attendance there was equally remarkable.

In Bangor and Carrickfergus very interesting meetings have been going on, and, in the former place especially, there are many anxious inquirers.

Whatever attracts notice in Belfast, especially in religious matters, interests the entire province of Ulster. Many had heard of, many had seen the work. It was no longer confined to Belfast. In Bangor, Donaghadee, Carrickfergus, and Randalstown meetings were held nightly, and deep religious earnestness appeared.

American Evangelists D L Moody and Ira D Sankey in Great Britain and Ireland by John Hall and George Stuart 

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