The Odd Fellows Hall, Halifax (1864)

...These same brethren invited me over the week before last, to carry on a series of special serrices with brother H. Moorhonse in the Odd Fellows' Hall; and you will be glad to hear of the great success attending the preaching of the gospel in this town.

On my arriving on the Saturday afternoon, I visited the bible stalls in the market, where I found brother Poole and his wife, with many more, circulating the bread of life among the eager multitude of people who were attracted to the spot and it rejoiced our hearts to hear the young converts praising God round the stall. On the following Sunday we held two meetings in the Odd Fellows' Hall which was crowded to excess, especially in the evening. I never experienced anything like this revival before, for, at the close of the services, hundreds waited to be spoken to in the large hall and there were two vestries full of seeking souls. 50 names were taken by their bretheren as professing to have found the Saviour and it was difficult for us to leave the hall, the people were so desirous to remain to be prayed for.

Services were held in the hall during the week. H Moorehouse and myself addressed the meetings and 128 gave in their names to join the different denominations. A great number waited to be spoken to till very late hour. The Lord seems to be blessing the whole town. It is most gratifying to see all the different churches united in dragging the gospel net - all pulling together. Jesus is held fourth prominently, the cross is the great centre and Saints and sinners are attracted by its preaching - Christ crucified, the power of God and the wisdom of God. Infidels, swearers, drunkards, thieves, old and young are blessing and praising God.

There are some who say the revival is dying out. Let them visit Halifax and Bradford and see what the Lord has done there and is doing. I agree with my brother Weaver that it is believers that are getting cold and talking about something else instead of the Blood the Lamb. I feel I have not time for anything else but winning souls to Christ. Heaven rejoices and rings with “hallelujahs” at the return of a prodigal. 


“The Revival” April 7th, 1864.

Additional Information

The building was demolished in 1863.

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