Rowley (1873)

For several weeks towards the close of last year's meetings for special prayer were held in the Shotley Bridge Chapel. The conviction deepened with every succeeding evening that a gracious shower was about to fall. United evangelistic services were proposed to be held in the various chapels in the district, and ministers of all denominations, Episcopalians included, most heartily concurred in the proposal, and worked earnestly in connection with them. Several esteemed brethren from Newcastle and other places delivered very powerful and impressive addresses.

The most blessed results followed. A very solemn feeling was awakened night after night. Many, mere children in years, wept and prayed under a sense of need of a Saviour. Men of grey hairs bowed in sorrow over wasted lives and cried for mercy.

A glorious harvest has been reaped by every church in the neighbourhood whose members took part in the services, Upwards of fifty persons out of the congregations meeting at Shotley Bridge and Rowley professed to find peace, and have been baptized and added to the membership of the church.

At Rowley, the pastor had the joy, a few weeks ago, of baptising twenty-three persons, four of whom are scholars in the Sabbath School and one, an aged disciple, whose very face seems to have undergone a transformation since his conversion.

At Shotley Field (a third chapel belonging to the church) very gracious results have followed special services held there. Many seem to live in a new world of thought, feeling, and aim. "The Lord has done great things for us, whereof." To Him be all the Glory! 


"The Christian", July 16th, 1874

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