Stratford (1874)

Dear Brother,- I wrote last week respecting the young people of Stratford coming out on the Lord's side, to lay themselves out for usefulness. Their numbers are much increased since then. Great power rested upon our first work with them in the open air on Sunday last. The spirit of awakening was evidently resting upon the people and impressions were made that will not soon be forgotten. We then adjourned to the hall, singing through the streets. The room was crowded to excess and a stirring address was delivered by brother Holloway of Manchester, upon seven "wills" of Jesus, as his bequest to man, which was listened to with profound attention. God was manifestly present, many found Jesus and went home rejoicing. A lasting impression was made by God's Spirit upon the people. Some of the men are so earnest in their new faith that they rush from the works to the meeting with their black faces, fearing they may lose the address. It is not brother Holloway's account of his life which forms his addresses to the people, but the story of the cross of Christ, and his earnest appeals for the working men's salvation. Two fallen girls from the West-end have been wrought upon, blessed, and restored to their friends. So widespread is the work, that the London city missionary's time is filled up in waiting upon anxious souls, and some have been blessed in his house during the daytime. On Thursday last a hard battle was fought with Satan, but three backsliders and another soul found Jesus. To God be all the glory! The vicar of St, John's Church, Stratford, Rev. W. J. Bolton, M.A., is anxious to unite with the work in this place, also to open his schools for special services with brother Holloway. Other churches are also walking up to the work and are very anxious to retain the servant of God, till Stratford be deluged by His Glory. Funds are needed; for while we look to God for power, we look through
Him to his children for a helping hand. On Good Friday Jesus was lifted up to poor sinners in the fair on the Forest, and, amid the revelling and sin, the gushing tear was seen to flow. In the evening our meeting was packed to the doors; many could not get in. Many souls were awakened and some went home rejoicing in the Lord. 


"The Christian", April 16th, 1874.

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