Milnthorp (1865)

We invite God's people to praise Him with us that He still continues to answer prayer in this place. We have been favoured with another visit from Mr J Latham of Manchester. After his former visit we commenced holding prayer meetings in those houses where a member of the family had been converted. It was very pleasing to see how doors were thrown open, the spirit of prayer was given, and these meetings were made a great blessing. God's people were strengthened and united, and sinners were converted. A good work broke out amongst the children in the Sunday school, many of the young having been hopefully converted to God. This is still going on. Some of them attended these cottage prayer meetings, and it was truly refreshing to offer up their short and simple prayers. Mr Latham came amongst us again on the 18th and stayed until the 27th, holding meetings every night. We held a public love feast on Sunday night (Feb 26th) which will be long remembered. In the prayer meeting after, God made bare His arm in the salvation of souls, whilst others went away feeling the weight
of their sins. We purpose cottage prayer meetings, and if any evangelist should have it laid upon his heart to come and preach the gospel of the grace of God to us poor people we shall gladly receive him as a messenger of Christ, and will help him according to our ability.

"The Revival," March 9th, 1865.

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