Otterton - Sunday School (1859)

On October 28th, last, as two Christian young women were returning from a funeral, they suggested that they should cry to God together for the conversion of souls, and accordingly on the Lord's day following, accompanied by two others, all teachers in the Sunday-school, they met for an hour's prayer; they con?tinued their meeting until on the fifth occasion their number had increased to nine, all teachers in the Sunday-school; but now their meeting had become known, and this evening, six children came in without asking and took their seats. Especial prayer was made for these; presently sobs were heard, which so increased that the teachers were obliged to desist from prayer, during which time one little creature of 13 exclaimed "Oh, don't let me go down into that horrible pit." At seven o'clock the meeting was closed, but the children would not leave, so great was their trouble; one said she was "crying about her sins," another, "Oh I am crying for Jesus." On the following day, the children requested that a prayer-meeting might be held in the evening on their behalf; it was of course acceded to; sixteen children came, but before it was possible for either of the teachers to pray, those little things had fallen upon their knees, and so continued and agonizing were their cries that the teachers involuntarily rose and drew towards each other, saying, "What have we asked the Lord for? We have got something now. What can we do with them? Shall we seek to quiet them? No, we may hinder the Spirit of God; if it's the Lord's work let them go on." No notice whatever was taken of this by the dear children, so absorbed were they, by the all-engrossing subject of their souls' salvation. On December 14th, it pleased God to let a little girl of fourteen understand the meaning of pardon and "peace with God," and the children on hearing it said, "Now, pray for me," and "for me." Accordingly, at the dinner hour the next day this dear child assembled some eight or ten before going into afternoon school, and on Monday evening last while she was praying, one of her little companions exclaimed "Now I be happy, the load that was choking me is directly gone from me. I feel so happy, all in Jesus," and asked that the hymn might be sung:?

O what has Jesus done for me?

He died for me, my Saviour, &c.

The other's prayer was then resumed and finished. From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume ii, p13.

Additional Information

The Sunday School was probably where the School is now. The second photo is around the back of the first building.

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