The Assembly Rooms, Bognor Regis (1875)

God has begun a glorious work in Bognor. The death-like slumber that has for so many years prevailed in the town is at an end. "In November last the evangelical ministers and congregations assembled together, to hear from Mr T. D. Marshall an account of the Oxford meetings, and an address on scriptural holiness and personal consecration to God. It was a
heart-searching time and several yielded themselves wholly to Jesus.

The next day a united prayer meeting was commenced and nightly ever since cottage and drawing room meetings have been held in which all denominations have taken part, and in which definite, believing prayer has been offered, that the Christians of the town may be "filled with the Spirit," and that souls may be converted in every house in the town. These meetings have been greatly blessed.

On the 13th ult. Messrs Opie Rodway and Somerset Gardner commenced a series of services, holding (with Mr Marshall) consecration meetings for believers every afternoon, and preaching nightly in the Assembly-rooms and the different places of worship. The mighty power of the Spirit of God rested on and accompanied the labours of his servants. Scores were aroused and went into the inquiry rooms for conversation every night. At the end of a week, a meeting was arranged for the converts and the awakened, and about 300 persons of all classes and ages applied for tickets. There is great joy in the town.
The proprietor of one of the principal houses of business closed his shop an hour earlier every night that his assistants might attend the services, and has had the joy of seeing the whole of his household--among them two of his daughters- brought to the Saviour.

"The Christian," March 4th, 1875.

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