Free Church, Nairn - D L Moody (1874)

These honoured servants of God paid us a visit on Tuesday, July 21st. Their visit was preceded by prayer to God for an outpouring of the Spirit and many Christians were looking for much blessing. Mr moody presided at 12 o'clock in the United Presbyterian Church. Long before the time announced that the service should begin, the building was crowded. Mr Moody
gave a short address on the three kinds of Christians - Asking, Seeking, and Knocking. It was a precious word. Mr Sankey then sang, "Keep praying at the Door."

Rev Mr Sloan, Aberdeen, led in prayer and was followed by Dr Cunningham, Philadelphia, who shortly addressed the
meeting. Mr Sankey and the choir sung several hymns, including, "Nothing but Leaves," which seemed to make its way to many hearts. A Bible reading took place in the Free Church at 3 pm and at 6:30 pm Mr Moody addressed an audience of not less than five thousand, on the Links, on the verse, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." At 8 pm upwards of 1,000 filled the Free Church, where Mr Moody spoke for half an hour, giving a question to each soul, Am I saved, or am I lost? Mr Moody asked those who wished to be prayed for to stand up when many stood up to show that they wished to be saved, while those next to them sat still. An inquiry meeting was held at the close, and about sixty or more were conversed with, while many retired to their homes with an arrow in their hearts. Some professed to close with Jesus, and some left undecided for the Lord. Mr Moody and his fellow-labourer left for Elgin next morning, while the services are being carried on by the ministers in town and Mr Scroggie, evangelist. The inquiry meeting on Wednesday evening was still more interesting, many professing to close with Jesus. The whole town is being moved.

"The Christian," July 30th, 1874.

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