New Deer (1860)

It has been a severe winter in these Northern parts. We had some fears that when the storms began to fall the good work would be interrupted. Our fears have been disappointed and we see the Lord can carry on His work in all weather. Our prayer meetings have increased in attendance. Mr Gordon Forlong favoured us with a visit about two weeks ago which gave us a decided impetus. The weather was fearfully tempestuous, and many were prevented from getting out, but much good was done as the following notes show.

We have a meeting for the young every Saturday about noon. A few of them had been already blessed. Mr Forlong promised to commence his visit with an address to them at their own meeting and there was a large gathering. The Lord was manifestly with his servant and gave him great simplicity. Life to him who only believes – a free pardon for every penitent, sinner – was the theme. A deep impression was made, and when all who desired to be spoken to individually were invited to remain behind, we were glad to say that not many had left. For another hour Mr Forlong, with Reverend Mr Alexander went among the children, and in a few cases, we have a good reason to believe that Christ offered mercy was accepted that day. A meeting was held in the UP Church on the same evening, for special prayer in connection with Mr F's visit. He exhorted briefly from Romans 9:30 to 32 and brought out very clearly the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ, received by faith alone, as the only grounds of acceptance with God. Several remained at the end of the conversation. On Sabbath morning  the storm in which there had been a lull, commenced with renewed severity from that time till Mr F's visit was over, the high wind and drifting snow, which your readers about Glasgow can form no conception, rendered it dangerous to go far from home. Mr F preached in the UP Church in the forenoon. Having to preach in my own church, I was not present. I understand the audience were deeply impressed. A few remained behind for conversation and some of them professed to believe before they left.

In the evening, he preached in the Free Church, and much to our astonishment the church was nearly filled. The subject of discourse was, Luke 23, verse 33. At the close, the anxious were invited to remain for conversation and believers for prayer. A large number of both classes remained, we had much interesting work in dealing with souls. 

Another meeting was held on Monday night. A considerable number of ventured out and much good was done. We thank God for sending His servant to us.

"The Wynd Journal," March 10th, 1860.

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