Lauder (1863)

The Lord's work still prospers here, and the last two weeks have been precious to many souls. The believers have been greatly quickened, and it now can be said the Lord added daily such as shall be saved; the attendance still keeping up, so much so that it even has astonished the enemies of the cause, and has been the means of bringing some of them out. On the Sabbath evenings the meetings are very large, and on the Sabbath before the last of Mr Murray's services, it was so very large that some, who had come for miles, had to go away. It was a solemn meeting. The Rev. Mr Waters opened the meeting by praise and then engaged in prayer. Then Mr Murray sung a hymn, prayed and gave an address. The Lord helped him greatly and it can be said that prisoners were that night loosed, blind eyes opened, bowed down ones raised up, believers comforted; and during the week not a night passed without someone saying, "On Sabbath night last I was for the first time led to see and feel myself a sinner," or "I got the blessing on Sabbath night." The last meeting Mr Murray held was on a Sabbath evening, and the church was crowded greatly, and he gave an address from Job xvi. 22, "When a few years are come, then I  shall go the way whence I shall not return." There was a very deep sense of God in our midst, and I never saw such attention, as Mr Murray caused them to stare death in the face as it were and I doubt not it will be a night long remembered.  The people seemed so unwilling to leave, and a large number stayed for conversation, more than ever had stayed before. And it was touching to see both men and women in tears "for their sins." Since Mr Murray left us we have got the Rev. D Grant, and we have had fine meetings and blessings too, and I trust we can say, " One soweth and another reapeth." The work so hopefully begun goes on.
March 23, 1863.

"The Revival," April 2nd, 1863.

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