Skene (1860)

1600 met by the side of the Loch.

At Skene, Rev. Robert Ireland and his people came seeking blessing in the open air on the edge of the Loch, and they were not disappointed. A meeting was afterwards held in the church. Stillness pervaded the assembly. A number of anxious ones, inquiring what they must do to be saved, betokened the presence and the power of the Lord. Many also went home rejoicing, making the woods resound with the voice of the old Scotch psalms

From 'Recollections of Reginald Radcliffe,' by his wife.


Mr DUNCAN MATHISON said, I do not know perhaps one place in the county of Aberdeen where there are not living witnesses to the power of God's grace, and to the might of His Spirit. I might tell this meeting what I have seen in many places; I might speak of what I witnessed in Skene during the last few days—of the awful solemnity upon our spirits— when it seemed as if we felt the immediate power of God in our hearts; and were almost afraid to speak, as if one felt near the very gates of heaven. Some of us felt so at Skene. And when we saw the Lord working, and the slain so many, we lifted up our hearts and sang "Hallelujah, for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth."- From Report published by John Wagrell, Aberdeen.

"The Wynd Journal," Late 1861 or early 1862.

Additional Information

The church is close to the Loch, quite a bit outside the town of Skene, which is now called Kirkton of Skene.

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